After Dad By K. S. Moore

(Beir Bua’s Pushcart Nominations 2021)

You are a king:
a king with a halo
of unfledged stars.

Their hue, unfixed,
finds home, somewhere
between gold and silver.

And in that space between
dreaming and waking, you shine
for unearthly seconds.

Do you think of me
as I think of you?
Do you miss me, recall
a memory only to feel it
beat your heart into silence?

Is a body required
to enable a heart?
Or does it continue
to find a rhythm?

Surely the soul
is sustained by love,
grows for as long
as it is watered.

You can have all my tears.

K. S. Moore’s poetry has recently appeared in New Welsh Review, Atlanta Review and Skylight 47. She placed 3rd in the Waterford Poetry Prize and has been shortlisted for Ink, Sweat and Tears ‘Pick of the ‘Month’. Samples of poetry and other thoughts can be found at

Read the rest of issue one here.

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