love you / leave me by Komal Keshran

more than anything else that hurts, my ankles. 
running through a city I am trying to forget is nothing easy. 
I wonder how many times you’ve stood right here.
knowing I’ll always come home to the same
three sounds used to bring me comfort;
I wish it still would – 
it’s hard 
to imagine that once upon a time  
I would’ve used the word ‘perfect’ to describe you
I don’t hate you
but this chain of thought sounds like a journal entry
and this journal entry sounds like I hate you
I don’t
but I don’t know what there is to love left.

Author Bio

Komal Keshran is a young poet from Malaysia. Their work has appeared in APIARY Magazine, The Write Launch and Apeiron Review among others. They are also the creator and editor of Orange Blush Zine. Find them online at

Read the rest of issue one here.

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