lucky emerald palace by Zara Meadows

times sq. grows into a        fishbowl and all the
weeds are coming     home we are bathing in
a light we cannot see             chinese ferns and 
evergreens and gold      at the hilt of your head
at the root of the good groin at the soil of the scent
at the top-right corner of your       descent if i had 
a finger for every time    i said no    i’d be in a 
freakshow        there is nothing more lovely than love
i say this every time i start drowning    
like it’s a ritual        a prayer with no scientific
basis            to it                  oh just a prayer then

Author Bio:

Zara Meadows is a poet from Belfast in Ireland. She is one of the Foyle Young Poets for 2020, and her poem ‘Treehugger, Summer 2005’ was highly commended in the Tower Poetry competition of the same year. Her poetry has also been recently published by Acid Bath

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