“Man” and His Future by Brian O’Donnell

Look at the outgoing shy man
He walks down the street
Everybody looks at him
But nobody sees him
He’s been pursued by his present chasing his past
But the future will save him

See the teetotaler
Into the pub he goes
Sees the man with no face
Gives him a cup of loneliness
In the future there will be company

I am independent! Independent! he screams
How do you know? asks the faceless man
See my strings! I know who guides them!
It is the Unseen One
The future will cut them

Great! Great! says the free man
His brain is behind bars
The key lies in his cold heart
Which is doing time for a crime
It didn’t commit
The future will release it

See the happy man, happy man
All alone in the crowd
I am not sad! I am not sad!
My tears are dead
Flowing through the sewer of time
The future will dry them

Look at the smart man
His brain’s in his wallet
Goes to the restaurant of knowledge
It’s not for sale
In the future everyone will know

It’s all in the past
This is a step forward
The future is here
Look! The strings are cut
The bars are broken
The ice is melted
The key is released
And the heart is exonerated

Knowledge is not for sale
The whole earth is filled with it

The tears are back but alive and joyful
In the rivers of life
Everyone is free and death
Has met a fatal accident
Backbiters will have to take a back seat
The grave is their highway

How do you know?
Because He has said – Look I’ve made all things new!
My words are faithful and true!
And everything breathes a sigh of relief.

Author Bio

Brian O’Donnell is  from Tipperary town now living in Wexford for the last 20 years , loves to play on words and public speaking and meeting new people and to “meet in the middle.”

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