Micro Poems November 17th 2020

As part of our Side-Subs. We asked followers on Twitter to post one six-word micro and we’d publish the first 10 top together on a single post. Experimental / avant-garde favoured. I may have tweeted in one myself tomake it 11 ’cause rules are for bending!

Pantomime buries his words. Performing restraint.

Rise again! Anteaters escape the apocalypse.

I’d lost. Not like he would.

Wandering in dreams. Lost. Lucid. Awakening.

Her mind’s bright shadows. Lo, behold.

It, was hubris in the end.

The gun was stolen, but honest.

She awaited life at the seashore✨

Capturing the sunset, eyes wide open.

In judging eyes, her spark withers.

The cabinet door opens for hugs.

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