Segment XIII (Briefly on the question of egoist intelligibility). by Sascha Engel

Exploring ancient alphabets through a letterist lens, which is one of the goals of the “Segment” series, eventually leads to the point where the letter itself is taken ad absurdum. Fortuitously, I reached that stage just as I turned back to re-reading some egoist and individualist anarchist literature, which has led to this meditation on the extent to which ‘intelligibility’ is a goal worth pursuing, and if so, to what extent.

Sascha Engel

After teaching in U.S. higher education for a few years, Sascha Engel now lives in Cork, Ireland. He edits Strukturriss, a journal focusing on anarchic dissolutions of text, occasionally publishes pieces of his own, most recently in Beir Bua and forthcoming in StreetcakeFugitives and Futurists and Tattie Zine, and tweets as @ThinkContinuum.

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