Keyword glamour pub by Michael Black

Keyword glamour pub

You can’t not have an opinion and expect to decolonise pride.
It’s a silly game, they said, waving fingers fruitfully.

I report on life: I don’t know how to stop cutting across—
claiming to know ‘chiasmus’ will interrupt and send people to the dictionary.

N says we write inaccessible poems to hide in them.
Funny that—the one who hides depends most on an audience.

Thinking can be this sensitivity to one’s own behaviour on behalf of
everyone else who just wishes to ignore it. Not kind they spoke but anxious.

A story reveals itself after the telling. The trick is usually to hide the
process that makes it lovable, syncope notwithstanding.

Every so often the group makes ethics resemble a fast paced competition.
All lose every time obviously. You can’t know enough to draw the diagram afterwards.

A tension is placed on the rationalisation of owning one’s own feelings,
ideas, worries. Despite their structural algebra, they are still possessions in trust.

It seemed we could not second guess meritocracy since wishing to know how to
grab a clockwork future is a gamble. We call this convivial trigonometry.

Michael Black did his undergraduate degree in English literature at the University of Dundee, followed by a masters in modernist and postmodern writing and art at the University of Glasgow, where he is currently finishing a PhD on Virginia Woolf and William Blake. He has reviewed poetry for SPAM Plaza and Osmosis Press. 

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