Hedge Schools and The Irish Peasantry- an audio and video poem by Michelle Moloney King

A video and audio poem, made by playing with glitch, distortion, and found poetry. Hedge Schools and The Irish Peasantry.

this was fun to make, I glitched the orgional words of the poem and then just recorded the output of increasing and decreasing the glitch effect. I recorded myself reading the poem and then distorted the audio and then popped the audio unto the video.

The poem was created from found text from a book published in 1834 about Hedge Schools in Ireland.

Orgional text of the poem:

“A Hedge School, however, in its original sense, was but a temporary establishment, being only adopted until such a school-house could be erected, as was in those days deemed sufficient to hold as many children as were expected, at all hazards, to attend it.” 

The Hedge School, William Carleton. Published in 1834 by  W. Curry, Dublin, Ireland. This volume is an account of the Irish peasantry and the “uncovery” that they are intelligent, thrist education despite British propaganda to the contrary.

Michelle Moloney King {she/her} is an experimental poet, visual poet, editor of Beir Bua Journal and Press and a primary school teacher. A mother and living with her family in Co. Tipperary, Ireland with a degree in computer science, post grad in education & is Master Hypnotherapist, Moloney King is interested in family life in flux, the plurality of time, and the surreal-absurdism of life.Pushcart Nominee 2021. Visual Artists Ireland member. Published in M58, 3AM Magazine, Babel, Streetcake,Strukturriss, and Mercurius amongst others.

Twitter: @MoloneyKing Website: www.MichelleMoloneyKing.com 

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