Feathers – Matthew O’Tuama

I was at the front door this morning
breathing in the chilly damp air
when I noticed the leaves on the roadside bushes flutter. 
Then a van appeared in sight
just as the leaves had prophesied - the postman!

Hi Joe, I said. Hi Matt.
C’m’ere, he asked, did ya see Higgins’ speech?  
I did, I replied. 
Did ya understand it? he asked. 
I did, I replied. 
What the fuck is that shite about? he asked.
Its about not gettin trapped in the explosive world atmosphere, I said. 
What do ya mean? he said. Are we supposed to just take it up the arse?
He said that last bit with a loose head. 
Who are you sayin is givin it? I asked him. 
Them fuckers. Was 1916 for nothin? he said.

At this point, his head fell off 
and his body morphed into that of a chicken. 
While the body flailed around the yard, 
winging attempted flight, the head kept talking. 

Those fuckin politicians takin backhanders, he said. 
Not at all, I said to him. That’s not what’s happening.
But before I could address his confusion, 
and lack of flight for overview, 
the head spun across the yard and rejoined the body, 
as he stormed off into his van and cursed the accelerator into action.

Vrrrummm…..didleoodle..dileidle di dum..
leg of a chicken, stick of a gun.
And away he went in his mechanical wagon. 
And all that was left of him was a few stray feathers.

Matthew has been writing words and music from a young age. His cottage recording and art studio is located in rural Tipperary, Ireland. A musician and songwriter, Matthew has been involved in several projects concerned with the welfare of the planet and wildlife. Over the years, Matthew has been involved in folk clubs, promoted music, and mentored young musicians. His album Universal Acoustic Radio, was released in late 2019. Contact Matthew at matthewotuama@gmail.com.  www.universalacousticradio.com

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