a girl – Lucy Holme

Erasure poem formulated from a book called ‘Hundreds of things a girl can make’. slowly working my way through the chapters and hope to have erased all of its helpful instructions and replaced them with something else entirely by 2022 all going well! Poem typed up with the found text referenced and a picture of the front cover of the book. 

Born in Kent in the UK Lucy has a BA (hons) in English Literature and Language from Manchester University After spending twelve years working and living at sea she now resides in Cork, Ireland, raising three young children. Most recently her work has appeared in Opia Lit, Ó Bhéal XIV, Porridge, Dreich, One Hand Clapping, The Honest Ulsterman and Wrongdoing magazines and is forthcoming in The Liminal Review, Crossways, Tír na Nóg, The Cormorant, Indelible AUD and the Hecate anthology Birth. She will commence her MA in Creative Writing at UCC in September 2021

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