James Knight

James Knight is a writer and visual poet. His visual poems have been published in journals and anthologies, and he has been exhibited at the Poetry Café in London and in online exhibition spaces such
as Poem Atlas and Mellom Press. His books include Void Voices (Hesterglock Press), Chimera (Penteract Press), Machine (Trickhouse Press) and Rites & Passages (Salò Press). He edits Steel Incisors, a small
publishing venture devoted to innovative visual poetry.

Website: thebirdking.com Twitter: @badbadpoet
Instagram: @jkbirdking


 Bloods Dream

The blood is in me and it is me and it is a thing alien to me.
When an opening appears in me and the blood shows it is 
bright as iron and too pungent and I forget for a moment
what to call it.

The word blood bludgeons my head. I see stars. Everything 
goes papery, my heart slows. Your voices rotate in blue 
space. I yawn constantly. My skin greys, fizzes with sweat. 
I have to concentrate on something small and neutral to
stay awake.
Every sunset is.....
(and in the original formatting) 

Words of Praise

“Part poetry chapbook, part gallery of anatomical tension, 

James Knight’s visceral Bloods Dream must have been 

composed from the chaos of a studio filled with crouching 

nudes dyed in the hot slaughterhouse-pink of annihilation. 

With its blood-slicked glitch-language and visions of psychic 

butchery, Bloods Dream feels like a map of an impossible 

body, intravenous lines into phantasmic veins.”Paul Cunningham, author of The House of the Tree of Sores

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