In a new venture BBJ will be sharing reviews.

Want to be a reviewer?

If you wish to be a reviewers this is who we are looking for:

Someone with an established history of writing and reviewing.

Social media links and a real name – no hiding behind an alias.

A native English speaker with excellent editing skills and good grammar.

If you feel that is you then let BBJ know on BBJ’s twitter, follow, interact and then raise it via DM.

Have a book and want it reviewed.

BBJ is looking for works published by a well established publisher (like Beir Bua Press!)

We will accept pdf versions of your book

We want avant-garde poetry, Irish lyrical poetry, experimental works, visual poetry, essays on surrealism….cool and BBJ vibes. Read the journal to know what BBJ likes.

Follow on Twitter, interact and if you feel we are the right fit – pop a DM, please expect a waiting period before you get a response.

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