Two Poems – Dylan Hussey


Dawn alop. Balefire season. 
We in blood red honey beam. 
Spokes still blur, still squall 
their way to the hassock cusp. 
No one now can stop this
body of light (body of light)
from yawning. In the marrow 
field no purple x-axis found. 
And yet from here the truth 
seems all lemon flecked: 
one stout eye of the ocean still 
looms deep within a dew drop.


Pecking at the pips in an arm crook. 
How very joy footed. But don’t dare say, 
don’t take the words, leave be. 
Seems have peeled well to the fruit pile 
this mere moon, mind maybe, or boggy 
boot hollow. So don’t shimmer or slalom 
to a halt when deftly upended from 
the dog’s bed.
No light ray then, no halo of frost, 
no, don’t say. Just imagine, 
backscattering the snaggle
again, near enough ecstatic.

Dylan Hussey (he/him) is a writer based in Norwich. His work has previously been published in the The 6ress The Horizon Magazine and algia and he has poems forthcoming in publications from Illagrypho Press and Full House Lit Magazine. 
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