Planner Canner – Michelle Moloney King

About the Planner Canner

  • Broken into month views
  • Broken into weekly plans
  • Designed to be easy to use
  • Undated so can be used at any time
  • A4 size with a hard wearing glossy cover.

Other experimental collections by MMK by this press, Womxn Heatwave Mama  and Mother Mary’s Doing a TicTuk Live – A Poetic Colouring Book of a Biblical and Experimental Nature. Raising Money for Féileacáin Ireland.


As a Wellness Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Primary School Teacher, poet and publishing editor at Beir Bua Press I am delighted to bring you this planner canner!

I began to write my goals down a few years ago, it was overwhelming at first – multi-coloured planners, loads of space, intense timetables…So I made my own and I started writing a few short words and drew pictures or symbols and wrote of my gratitude, this all helped me achieve even bigger goals.

This is a prosaic planner for the busy and creative mind. No extra colours, with small spaces for your minimised, constrained and tightly wound-up energy of goals, vision and gratitude. As a trained Hypnotherapist, I know the power of using words to change your life through moving your mind’s vision and connecting that to the charge of emotion. 

This is an exciting! Be bold. No, be bolder.

You know why Steve Jobs always wore black? Most creative people need to simplify their lives so that their creative output can truly soak up all that creative juice. This planner was designed for the hectic head, the jumping hand, the typing fingers and the asemic scrolling inks to give you space to “wear black” so that your life can listen for the vibe and flow into higher consciousness.

I don’t like the word hack, but how else can I put this; writing down a few words describing your ideal can help you shift……

About the author, Michelle Moloney King.

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