Defenestrate – Nathanael O’Reilly


defenestrate fascists and authoritarians
defenestrate ignorant fundamentalists
defenestrate corrupt, selfish, racist politicians
defenestrate rusty bikes, tents and tennis rackets
defenestrate empty bottles of whisky and wine
defenestrate inflatable transparent pool rafts
defenestrate sour green grapes from the diseased vine
defenestrate excess clothes, jewelry, shoes and hats
defenestrate cardboard boxes and wire coat hangers
defenestrate venal exploitative billionaires
defenestrate mops, rubber gloves and vacuum cleaners
defenestrate homophobes’ useless thoughts and prayers
defenestrate your regrets and darkest memories
defenestrate your doubts, fears and anxieties

Nathanael O’Reilly is an Irish-Australian poet residing in Texas. His books include (Un)belongingBLUEPreparations for DepartureDistanceCultSuburban Exile and Symptoms of Homesickness. His poetry has appeared in publications from fourteen countries, including AntipodesAnthropoceneCordite Poetry ReviewThe Elevation Review,Mascara Literary ReviewSkylight 47Strukturriss and Westerly.

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