trapezism – Jeremy Stewart


imaginary money fountain found in homely catacomb
leap flaming hoop to claim
ramparts, L.A.
so our fur-coloured postcard posits
(its sandblown horizon
care for people—imperfectly, but not due
to some lack of love
depravity choir’s notorious brown note
proposed surrealist Christology
indeed outdone—violence, but not good
fall hill full in dying grasses
I missed you at target practice
this factory forgave poems
one catbox, disused

Jeremy Stewart‘s experimental novel In Singing, He Composed a Song is forthcoming from the University of Calgary Press (September 2021). Stewart won the 2014 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry for Hidden City (Invisible Publishing). He is also the author of (flood basement (Caitlin Press 2009). Stewart is a PhD student in English Literature at Lancaster University, UK. He once dropped a piano off a building. 

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