Audio Poems by Wayne Mason for Beir Bua Journal

Audio poems by Wayne Mason made into video format by Michelle Moloney King.

Wayne Mason is an experimental writer and sound artist from central Florida USA. He is the author of six chapbooks of poetry, including the most recent Automation, Man! (Bold Machines) from Sweat Drenched Press. He is also the author of the online chapbook I Ching Jukebox (2013, OpCode Press) as well as Subliminal Syntax (2019, Analog Submission Press) a cut-up chapbook of syntactical deconstruction. 

His poetry and prose have been published widely in the small press both in print and online. His work has also been included in several anthologies, including Cut Up! An Anthology Inspired By The Cut-Up Method Of William S Burroughs And Brion Gysin (2014 Oneiros Books). 

He has also been active in the experimental/noise music scene for over twenty years. He records noise, experimental, and ambient sounds both solo, and as one half of the electronic project Blk/Mas.  

Blog: Twitter: @brokenzen333 

Facebook: waynemason333 IG: @brokenzen333 

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