Video Poem made by Michelle Moloney King as part of Ó Bhéal’s Film Poem Competition 2021.

Oh wow, this was fun to make. I always find if gas when I share my bio as I include how I find the plurality of motherhood to be one of my poetic themes. And this is so evident here. I recorded the video in with my darling toddler’s help through his beautiful background singing, chirping, shouting and his hands going over my asemic poem I made while we played with chalk.

Many thanks to Ó Bhéal’s Film Poem Competition 2021 for being the inspo to finally combining video and poetics….I really want to make more of these and I can see them as media installations in art galleries.

In other news, I was short-listed for the James Tate Prize 2021 with Survision and we are updating Beir Bua Press. Lots of exciting poetry collections in the works. Stay tuned, best

Michelle Moloney King, editor Beir Bua Journal and Beir Bua Press.

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