The National Campaign for the Arts- A NEW JOURNEY INTO A BETTER FUTURE


As we move towards full capacity re-opening of the arts and cultural sector on 22nd October 2021, The National Campaign for the Arts (NCFA) remains committed to continuing our advocacy for a better life for Ireland’s 55,000 artists and arts workers. With the launch of our Pre-Budget 2022 Submission: A New Journey Into A Better Future, NCFA is calling on government to make a strong commitment to artists, arts workers and arts organisations in the upcoming budget.

We will be unwavering in our efforts to ensure that the work of artists, arts workers and arts organisations, so widely lauded and embraced across Government throughout the pandemic, is properly bolstered and nurtured into the future. We cannot go backwards. We must not lose the positive momentum in societal understanding, appreciation and demand for the arts in their myriad forms that the very worst of times has paved for us.

I would be grateful if you could download the Pre-Budget Submission and send it to TDs in your constituency as soon as possible, and request a phone call or an online or in-person meeting over the coming week to discuss it. You can find the names and contact details of your local TDs at if you don’t have them already.

We are calling on Government to:Increase funding to the Arts Council to €150 million in 2022

Increase funding to Culture Ireland to €7 million in 2022Prioritise and expedite the Basic Income for Artists scheme
Extend the Creative Ireland programme and maintain funding at current levels to 2027Ringfence arts spending for Local Authorities
Urgently commission a review of taxation practice as it relates to the arts in Ireland
Urgently implement insurance reform
Address the environmental impacts of arts and related activities
Develop an action plan to address systemic barriers which prevent artists from active and equal participation in cultural life and work
Commit to new and continued essential research into the arts and cultural sector to ensure informed decision making

The key points laid out in this Pre-Budget Submission are the basic building blocks from which the arts sector can commence a new journey into a better future. By committing to equitable and sustained investment in the arts, Government can ensure continued economic return on investment from the sector, and guarantee the rights of more than 5 million citizens of our island to reap the wealth of life-affirming benefits that the arts provide.

You can download the Pre-Budget Submission at this link.NCFA images, videos, logos etc. are available here and are free to use.
Please share widely using the hashtag #SAVETHEARTS and tag @Campaign4Arts on Twitter and Instagram.Please keep us updated on your engagement with TDs and let us know about their responses.Thanks as always for your support of NCFA – we could not have made the impact we have done over the past months without you.
JOIN THE CAMPAIGN.In these uncertain and challenging times, we need to keep the Arts on the agenda. If you are interested in getting involved with your local NCFA constituency group please email with details of your constituency and we will put you in touch. 
DONATE.NCFA is funded entirely through donations and in-kind support. The more you can give to the campaign, the more impact the campaign can make on your behalf. You can donate to NCFA securely through PayPal on the NCFA website.
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