Mother Mary’s Doing a TicTuk Live – A Poetic Colouring Book of a Biblical and Experimental Nature. Raising Money for Féileacáin Ireland

This collection of Biblical images with accompanying “Big Questions” is raising money for Féileacáin Ireland. One hundred percent of every sale, after printing, will go directly to Féileacáin Ireland as they will be added as a payee on the book account.

This charity is very close to Beir Bua Press, BBP’s editor and her family. See her pinned tweet.

Other experimental collections by MMK by this press, Womxn Heatwave Mama  and Planner Canner.


“It’s safe to say that Mother Mary’s Doing a TicTuk Live is a colouring book like no other. Accompanying each illustration is a question or a statement, such as: ‘Is Art one discipline or many?’ ‘Did the “Information Age” start when women discovered fire?’ ‘Translation changes the language translated into. Discuss.’ By doing this Michelle Moloney King has not put a cat amongst the pigeons to await the chaos that unfolds, but has instead squared up the right amount of cat with the right amount of pigeon and said: Right. Let’s see who wins now. 
Words can overpower, but they can also empower, as can all kinds of art – you just need to take that first step, in whichever form is comfortable. This book gives you permission to try anything and everything, big or small, or, nothing at all – the choice, ultimately, as if we ever needed to be told (we needed to be told) is ours and ours alone.  
With 50% of the profits going to the charity Féileacáin Ireland Mother Mary’s Doing a TicTuk Live is a plethora well worth having. 
   Laura Besley - author of 100neHundred.

“Through contrasting religious narratives with questions culled from the humanities, King inspires new social possibilities for the Irish cultural imagination. In this radical space, readers are asked to confront the relation between their interpretations and interactions which, in turn, reveals the roles we can all - in every sense of the word - play in discourse. An extraordinary book.”

Richard Capener; poet and editor of The Babel Tower Notice Board.

“Moloney King is messing with our heads again. In a very good way. She offers us both the blue and the red pill, washed down with a shot of the sacrilegious, the sensual and the surreal. This book is playful and fun; it doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet it also does exactly that – posing serious questions about culture and the act of creation, whilst also acting as a primer on experimental and visual poetry. It’s brilliant, you should buy it.”

   JP Seabright, writer and Assistant Editor of Full House Literary Magazine.


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