Figment of Silence by Tim Murphy

Figment of Silence

A biomorphic abstraction frames an application
that keeps repeating itself.
The environment is limited. Dense.
A server programs a closed source.
The presence of gaps in the platform
seems authentic, reassuring.

All at once six sides of mortar
in the cornerstone’s memory,
dowelled mallets
chisel in rotation
around a French drag straightedge,
ashlar trowels
point the way
to the tuck rubble —
it’s an obscene carving frenzy,
like a kaleidoscope whisper
among cathedral shadows.

A monitor network scans
a binary icon.
Lakes of data disappear
into a collapsed update.
The platform wobbles,
it reboots a blank page.
A kernel link hides
inside the nearest firewall.

Tim Murphy was born in Cork and lives in Madrid. His chapbooks include The Cacti Do Not Move (SurVision Books, 2019) and There Are Twelve Sides to Every Circle (If a Leaf Falls Press, 2021).  

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