Visual Poems of Life

We’re building a studio for my husband and he’s created all the plans. I noticed a visual poem when I was standing by his desk for a moment, in a diagram for heated floor tubing that was on top of a pile of papers. Then I found another as below, and two more in the building designs.

exhibit b) plan for wire mesh
exhibit c) music in the elevations

Above, “exhibit b) plan for wire mesh” is the full page diagram, not cropped or altered at all; and “exhibit c) music in the elevations” is made from edited details in the building plans, shot with a macro lens. Below, “exhibit d) reference-x” is another closeup of the building plans, without modification except for cropping.

exhibit d) reference-x

Finally, here is the piece I started with — there was a comment: “I’m imagining the slightly warmer and slightly cooler parts of the floor, determined by a secret poem which people standing on it can hardly guess at” from PfcEx and I thought that was a beautiful way to look at it. Plus, I’m so excited about the idea of feet on this floor.

Alexis Fedorjaczenko is contributing editor for visual poetry at Beir Bua Journal.

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