POEMETRY by Templeton Moss


Templeton Moss began writing in high school as part of a hopelessly misguided attempt to get girls to like him. Since then he has written poems, short stories, novels, plays and angry rants on social media. He grew up near San Diego, California, currently lives and (when he has to) works in Louisville, Kentucky, but considers his hometown to be Disneyland. His hobbies include pizza and naps and his turn-offs include manual labour and carrots.


If you ever feel like nothing and you want a slice of cake,
If you worry about hedgehogs and the actions they might take,
If you think you have an oboe in your attic or your den,
If your auntie went to Denmark and she hasn’t come again,
If your name is really “Henry” but your friends all call you 
If you can’t remember Wednesday and you don’t know what to 
If you’re gonna run for congress or you lost your favourite wheel,
If your best friend who’s a lizard doesn’t care how tall you feel,
If there’s something weird occurring and you don’t know what 
to say,
Remember that I love you. 
See? Now everything’s okay!

                             This poem’s not that great.
                             But don’t hate!
                             It’s true that the meter is all wrong,
                             But at least it’s not too long.


“Templeton Moss’s poems are so on the money – so sweet and so funny.”Rebecca O’Connor; editor “The Caterpillar”

 “A wonderful world of talking animals, wise nonsense and real magic, fizzing like a long  glass of lemonade.” Tom Jenks, editor of ZimZalla and a poet whose pamphlet Rhubarb is published by Beir Bua Press.

“A raining kaleidoscope of delish marbles, bullseyes, charm and wit making this a body where words drum the heartbeat – an ancient war drum, demanding to be read to your child / inner-child.” Michelle Moloney King, teacher, poet, curator of Beir Bua Kids, and mom.


“The Bunny-Rabs,” “Read Your Goose a Story,” “Mother’s Day,” “4 Seasons,” “Followed Me Home,” “Important Things Everyone Should Know,” and “Me and My Ghost” were originally published on the web at http://www.storyberries.com

“Remember,” “Ants,” “The Ballerina,” and “If I Could Be,” were originally published on the web at http://www.dirigibleballoon.org

“Love Poem #23 ½,” “A Grown-Up’s Advice To a Child,” “I Am A Pig!” and “Love Poem #4” were originally published by The Caterpillar magazine.

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