O Hungry Star by Andrew Rihn

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Andrew Rihn is the author of Revelation: An Apocalypse in Fifty-Eight Fights (Press 53, 2020), a collection of fifty-eight one-hundred-word prose poems about Mike Tyson’s professional fights. From 2019-2021, he wrote The Pugilist, a monthly boxing column for Into the Void magazine, where he was also a poetry editor. He currently writes for The Fight City, a premier boxing website. Andrew lives in Canton, Ohio.

Praise for the Author

“Andrew Rihn knows his boxing and his boxing lingo and in this volume he puts that knowledge to work creating poems which are simultaneously bizarre, grandiloquent, and inane. Essentially, these experimental creations are senseless. But when you think about it, so is prizefighting. “

  • Michael Carbert, founder and editor of TheFightCity.com

“Andrew Rihn’s erase-and-find persona poems in O Hungry Star reveal to readers that “Everyone is therefore already there.” Selecting phrases from the dissonance of a closed caption interview with Dublin UFC fighter Conor McGregor, Rihn appropriates, repurposes, and rearranges the fragments into garden lines where the variations bloom into unexpected poems. “This is the word, hear none because both could,” the author writes in the title poem for this book of clever jazz improvisations on language. This book fractures the interview into a masterful riff on the possibilities of contemporary poetry.”

  • Robert Miltner, author of Hotel Utopia, Orpheus & Echo, and Ohio Apertures 

“Sports can be a bit surreal and absurd. A combat sport such as mixed martial arts might even be a bit Dada in its collagist/cut-and-paste approach to fighting. MMA is a mix of many styles. It’s a blender but even a blender needs a bit of salespitch to make it off of the shelf. In other words, where’s the story? What’s the narrative? UFC weigh-ins and post-fight interviews attempt to craft this in a more organic and “real” way as opposed to WWE but in the end, we still get the heels and babyfaces. This book is the translation of that story. It is a series of translations as Proust once wrote (more or less) that “writing itself is translation”. Here, the writer is Connor McGregor but also Andrew Rihn and standing between the two is man’s hubris. Hubris also known as AI. Technology so smart that we end up with “a solo book in the workout.”

  • Kenning JP García, author of With (Really Serious Literature) 


O Thesis Rose

What your heavy gentleman himself,  
all this linguist due to disappear.
Give him just the list, took mobile
and to economical week in you.
An orderly and would the sludge,
her baby mark leper.
Experience needed. I got to be
the charm and you in thirteen chins.
Towards approach millions,
sense of humor, havoc.
My team led cabernet groping USA.
Business whimper politics reading;
men simply is less on this.
All wilderness, the pianist with it, in it.
Detect solo, whitest boring
with his old eye is a watch.
Doors to good food and a party,
new body, so predictable.
He just blesses; he sees your own.
Much is brain can also water when
I go with itself, increasingly.
Lay inside me, the sign said.
In the archive.
It’s like a poor fashion, survival.

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