Three untitled prose poems – Michael Mc Aloran


…black bite snare/ beckons of/ blood still as/ cleft the sheet-wind’s overthrow/ of what else as if to/ sting-shadow lights/ 

bereft of/ clemency of the naught to follow/ as if what said till claim of the beseech/ asked of/ flesh gathered in the pit of longing/ said without/ 

murmurs of dead speeches/ the bitten un-flow of exigency/ veins taut/ effortlessly cast aside the break-neck following on from/ into the non-dreaming of else spoken as of/ 

blight non-sight a circus animal’s beheaded laughter/ echoing/ final as/ as if in the tearing of meat given to taste at ever-eclipse/ 

heart lung what breath the breathe is held/ scatters the dead bones long forgotten/ as if to claim where there is none/ as if to folly unto/ 

all speech erased but for the tines that mark the surface/ from the surface swept aside by the empty-handed lapse/ bone snap of where does the lapse reside/ 

asked of/ night yet night cannot be/ films coat the eyes/ in the drag in the drowning dreaming else/ no nectar haven/ 

snare black bite bones withered/ walls from which out of which/ nothing to claim/ reversal/ static overlay + 2/ desire/ 

desire/ for the blackened atrophy of some voice that never dwelt/ sky upon sky upon water-mark/ in the light of the spun carnage of innocent…


…snares it cannot be the bone lock of the teeth/ fingers reduced to wilted seasons/ white ash/ the movement from none unto…/

given that the taste devours/ scream-white never without end/ whittled the light limb occupancy/ clarity is for wastage/ 

of the shining eye’s address/ stung which way or other felt/ skeletal as/ carousel/ bled-bleed of the bitten tongue the mock resound/ it is nothing it cannot follow/ 

bitten the asked of violence of the snare of teeth which slaughter motion/ scarred upon till afterward/ the scars recede/ they never recede yes or no/ 

bone black the charred scratches the walls are dissipating there was never it was ever thus/ until/ mocked yet by the lung that refuses silences/ 

taste of spit/ bloody asphalt/ the machinations of desire in the glistening blade/ across the flesh drawn the glistening of till bite/ 

the excess of which uncharitable absolute/ thus speaketh the lie/ bound till excess/ turning whatever next into nothingness/ there is none/ 

not a trace nor fragment other than the callused pulse/ spitting out the claim of paroxysm/ let it slide/ there will yet/ 

undone for the sake of never having in spite of/ drag of sky yet of/ else of what yet till have or held/ skinned the ever-flow/ tactile as ember upon/ in exile nothing ever… 


…the bitten lapse/ stretch of obliterate/ of dead silences/ crack crack there go the bones/ 

nothing as exiled homestead/ the words coagulate as if to choke/ a light bulb shattered & then gone/ 

treads the emptily of/ spasm lock/ the vapours/ vapours arise as if to drill the final into flesh/ the dreaming then is of/ (not a chance from the…)/ 

locked headed as of sky/ film of emblems/ emblems/ the eyes are blood they are smears of shit beneath the sky’s abort/ not a trace but for the silence/ 

tone deaf stone or/ gravitates towards the lapse only to find the lack/ black stone grate/ the chiselled teeth of night glow amber in dark corners/ 

pelt of never-forgiving emptiness/ no solace in the recoil/ coil/ recoil but 1/ comes and goes the voice mistakenly/ a virus pageant/ 

played out for the given of a lifetime out of the lack of anything else/ the embers fade/ the seasons laugh louder yet growing dimmer of ear/ 

the chalice mocks the carousel/ all/ dice cast in a winter’s corrugation/ the barren veins kiss the dusted chalice/ tidal of/ in the glare of the long forgotten/ 

bask of/ stretch of obliterate/ what of/ paring away the skin away/ bled out/ until…/ 

voiced yet without purpose/ scattered emptily the words graze the surface/ no darkness belittled/ no silence overthrown…    

Michael Mc Aloran was born in Belfast, (1976). He is the author of over 30 collections of poetry, prose poetry, aphorisms and prose. His most recent publications were with Editions du Cygne (FR), VoidFront Press (U.S), Veer Books, (U.K) & also by Infinity Land Press (U.K) & Oneiros Books (U.K). He lives, paints & breathes in Co. Clare..

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