glitter-stoked fractals splintered, reflected

Happy winter solstice, friends in poetry.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know your work this year.

Thank you for touching my creative life in so many ways.

A celebration of winter in the hill towns, typeset with love for winter solstice 2021. This is an old poem that’s been lingering in my mind. I cut it up, laid it out, then rewrote and reinvented it in recent weeks.

In synchronicity, it snowed here Saturday; we walked through the woods, big fluffy snowflakes whirling gently for a few hours in the afternoon. When it turned wet the water froze on every branch and each individual pine needle so that by the next morning — and for days now, it’s been so cold — every molecule of frozen forest shines luminously in the winter sun.

Wishing you a happy, peaceful, and safe season.

2022 is coming, let new adventures begin!


Alexis Fedorjaczenko is Contributing Editor for Visual Poetry at Beir Bua Journal. Alexis writes poetry, essay, and in hybrid methods, and her visual work includes handcrafted Poem Objects, collage, visual poetry, and photography. Her recent series of concrete poems “That Was When” and “Kyoto” is published at 3:AM Magazine and her essay-poem “Ways to Enter an Abandoned Mill” was nominated for Best of the Net 2021 by Zoetic Press. Alexis tweets @ObjetAutre

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