Michelle Moloney King

About Michelle Moloney King

With an undergrad in Computer Science, a primary school teacher and with a passion for meditation, Buddhism…starting a post-avant poetry press came about after wanting to support Ireland’s neo-natal loss charity and 2020 Lockdown. Moloney King, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

“I became nobody during Ireland’s first lockdown, my little family expect nothing from me but love and as all other social connections fell away due to lockdown I found myself. And she needed a hobby. I was putting off writing for as long as possible but my interest in surrealism, popular culture changing powers, avant-gardism I began to write poetry, then started the journal and the press to huge success.” Moloney King.

See her site for more details on publications, readings, workshops and follow along on social media. Click below.

BBP books by Moloney King.

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