Tom Jenks and BBP – Mini Interview

1. Why did you start writing?

I wanted to write lyrics but had no music.

2. What tips can you give on your writing style?

Quick, frequent, fragmentary, instinctive, mostly nonsensical, rarely planned. A lot of what I do is just finding things and putting them together.

3. I, Moloney King, write post-avant poetry as it messes with language and my story about meaning to help me become open-minded and less of a fixed mindset, why do you write the way that you do?

It’s really just how it happens. I’ve tried to be more linear but I snapped my ruler. I wish I had more of a fixed mindset. Maybe I’d get on in life and understand cryptocurrency.

4. What is your favourite Beir Bua Press book and why?

I was very happy to provide a celebrity endorsement for Vik Shirley’s Grotesquerie for the Apocalypse. It’s a beautifully absurd book featuring ghosts, sentient pianos and the 1980s, three of my favourite topics.

5. Any workshops, events or new publication news you want to share?

Pack My Box with Five Dozen Liquor Jugs came out recently on Penteract Press. It’s a collaborative pangrammatic novel, written with Catherine Vidler: twenty-six chapters of twenty-six sentences, each sentence containing every letter of the alphabet. It’s like Alphabetti spaghetti but you don’t need a tin opener.

Bio.: Tom Jenks’ Rhubarb is published by Beir Bua Press. Other books include A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions (if p then q) and Spruce (Blart Books). His work has featured in Ambit, Poetry Review and The Penguin Book of Oulipo. He edits zimzalla, a small press specialising in literary objects. More at

His Beir Bua Press collection, Rhubarb, is available to buy now!

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