Reboot More So…Disconnected by Wayne Mason

Wayne Mason’s launch

Wayne Mason is a writer and sound artist from central Florida USA. He is the author of several chapbooks of poetry and experimental prose. A product of his working class surroundings, Mason is as influenced by machines and industrial landscapes as much as he is by the cut-up method and deconstruction. He has used these as tools to create writing and syntactical deconstruction that has been published widely in the small press in both magazines and anthologies. 

Wayne Mason also records experimental audio, using everything from synths to everyday objects to create sonic experiments ranging from harsh noise to dark ambient soundscapes. For nearly three decades he has been involved in the experimental music scene both solo and as one half of the electronic duo Blk/Mas. 

Praise for the Author and <Reboot> More So…Disconnected by Wayne Mason

“The ghost transmissions of broken bloodied machines: sacred, scared, distorted, revealing in their deceit. Reader, beware: be ready to believe.”

JP Seabright, poet and assistant editor at Full House Lit, Fragments from Before the Fall out with Beir Bua Press.

“Reboot is electrifying psychedelic poetry at its finest. Mason uses cutups to explore the inner machinery of the mind.”

Rose Knapp; poet, latest collection, Shadow Beings, Beir Bua Press.


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