Listen to Penteract Podcast with Anthony Etherin, Andrew Hugill and ChristianBok discussing Pataphysics, The Beatles and more

This needs a second listen. Echoed so much of what I thought on the Beatles – pretending to write “just pop songs” in their doc but it was obvs so much more & referenced & esoteric.

Beautiful Allen Ginsberg asked them & Bob Dylan about their use of literary and avant-garde techniques & all claimed it was just writing…just random fun.

Think I saw Allen ask them in the newest Bob Dylan doc on Netflix. Allen even goes on to say…I wonder at their naivety at the use of their linguistics…

Like, you can tell both Dylan and the Beatles are using surrealist techniques so why didn’t they say so. We’re they gatekeepers? Or just trying to not intellectualize but embody the aim of the work – which is to shift mindsets and unpick fixed mindsets.

Makes me love Ginsberg even more as he shared his knowledge. 🖤


Listen to Andrew Hugill and Christian Bok, as they discuss the topic of pataphysics with Anthony Etherin, future Beir Bua Press poet with a collection due out soon, on his pod — Penteract Podcast

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