eBook of Beir Bua Press Anthology 2021

Beir Bua Press Anthology is a curation of some of the 2021 collections in one very hot mega collection. 10% royality from each sale will go directly to Féileacáin Ireland.

Exacts from all of the below Beir Bua Press collections

Womxn Heatwave Mama by Michelle Moloney King

Twenty-One Computations by Sascha Engel

A Pilgrimage of Donkeys by Thomas Helm

I’d Better Let You Go by Nikki Dudley

WORD/PLAY by Helen Bowie

Bloods Dream by James Knight

Thrills and Difficulties Being a Marxist Poet in 21st Century Ireland by Kevin Higgins

Superpositions by Michael Sutton

m(p)atriarchive by AJ Moore

The Zircon Ferries by MW Bewick

Shadow Beings by Rose Knapp

The Fire in Which We Burn: Time and Trauma in Contemporary Television by Simon Bowie

Boulevard by Nathanael O’Reilly

Some Murmur by Lydia Unsworth

From Fibs to Fractals: Exploring Mathematical Forms in Poetry by Marian Christie

(Un)Natural Elements by Laura Besley

Fanny B. Mine by Nikki Dudley

Only Connect by Poetry Plus Writers’ Collective – Eileen Heneghan, Margaret O’Brien and Billy Fenton.

Mother Mary’s Doing a TicTuk Live by Michelle Moloney King Grotesquerie for the Apocalypse by Vik Shirley

Puppy by Marcus Slease

Rhubarb by Tom Jenks

POEMETRYby Templeton Moss

O Hungry Star by Andrew Rihn

Fragments from before the Fall. An Anthology of Post-Anthropocene Poetry by JP Seabright

Background, cover image and cover design by Michelle Moloney King.
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