Fabric by Anthony Etherin

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About the Author

Anthony Etherin is an experimental formalist poet, a publisher, a podcaster, and a musician. He tweets his poetry @Anthony_Etherin and he archives his published works online at anthonyetherin.wordpress.com. 

He lives in the United Kingdom, on the border of England and Wales.  



 first ran on atoms 
in strata - no forms 
or mantras. No fits.... 

A firm noon starts, 
as from torn satin. 
Soon, far tints arm 
far moon transits. 

form stars, anoint 
arts, form nations 
of man or transits 
of storms --- in an art 
far torn into mass,
stir formats anon. 

Four Strategic Lines 
These four strategic lines are anagrams: 
A rearranging set of letters aims us. Each 
grain reuses a strange, formal aesthetic -
terms reassign, as a literature of change.... 


Many thanks to Michelle Moloney King for commissioning this project and to Mary Frances and Christian Bök for their playful words of support 

Thanks also to everyone who has followed my work on Twitter over the last few years and to my ever-generous Patreon supporters. 

Most of all, thank you to Clara Daneri. 

Praise for the Author

“Anthony, as a scenarist in an ancient theatre, scans the traces, absorbs, snatches, scratches, or shifts those obstinate narrations to refabricate or refashion, to create other contrarian constraints, set fire to certain certainties, rotate those tones, those tints, in his forensic ear or eye. His art, tiny or airy, ironic or heart-torn, astonishes the brain, enchants the senses. This shifty acrobatic craft – see it, hear it, try it!” – Mary Frances, Author of Sea Pictures and Untravelling.

“We name ‘operose’ now one sure plan. My hero, look: cuckoo book?

— cuckoo lore? — hymnal! — peruse now one sore poem, anew.”

Christian Bök, Author of Eunoia and Crystallography.

Background, cover image and cover design by Michelle Moloney King.
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