5 AUGUST 2022 – 16 OCTOBER 2022

The official opening at the National Design and Craft Gallery took place on friday 5th August.

Scott Benefield | Roger Bennett | Paul Bokslag | Emma Bourke | Max Brosi | Cathy Burke | Úna Burke | Anne Butler | Edmond Byrne | Hugo Byrne | Mike Byrne | Stuart Cairns | Mary Conroy | Jack Doherty | Sara Flynn | Jennifer Hickey | Joe Hogan | Alison Kay | John Lee | Antonio Julio Lopez Castro | Alan Meredith | Cecilia Moore | Sadhbh Mowlds | Cara Murphy | Mary Nagle | Nuala O’Donovan | Nigel O’Reilly | Helen O’Shea | Annemarie O’Sullivan | Annemarie Reinhold | Michael Rice | Emer Roberts | Peter Sheehan + Cathal Loughnan | Matt Smith | Sasha Sykes | Joseph Walsh Studio | Kathleen Walsh | Gráinne Watts | Zelouf & Bell

Launched at Doneraile Court 30th July 2021

When the potter throws a lump of clay, when the silversmith hammers a sheet of silver, when the basket maker and weaver prepare reeds and threads, they are conjuring forms from their mind and slowly allowing them to grow in their hands until the moment they come into being. The ultimate skill of the craftsman is knowing when the form has been reached. Knowing when to stop, when the work is done. The challenge for the maker is this marriage of mind and hand. Mastering a craft means learning the steps, developing and refining the technique and then subverting it to create something unique. To know the rules in order to break them. – Alice Stori Liechtenstein

The makers in PORTFOLIO have reached their high standard of practice through years of refinement. All of the designer makers in this exhibition typify the best in contemporary Irish practice, with deep understanding of their chosen materials and techniques, and mastery to conjure form. Design & Crafts Council Ireland’s PORTFOLIO Critical Selection is a biennial publication and exhibition of leading Irish contemporary design and craft, with makers selected for achieving excellence by comparative international standards. Conjuring Form is curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein and produced by the Design & Crafts Council Ireland in partnership with the Office of Public Works.

Now in its 15th year, Design & Crafts Council Ireland’s PORTFOLIO programme is a select group of Ireland’s most talented designers and craftspeople. Inclusion is recognition of practitioners creating work to a standard to be considered worthy by museums, renowned galleries, and discerning collectors. DCCI’s PORTFOLIO programme has been instrumental in building the international reputations and commercial potential of Ireland’s best designer‐makers of contemporary craft. From the PORTFOLIO membership, a distinguished group of exceptional makers are chosen for Critical Selection 2021–2022. The benchmark for this elite group is achievement of excellence in contemporary craftsmanship and design by comparative international standards. Successful applicants will feature in a mojor touring exhibition and the iconic publication. Doors are opened to international awards, representation by renowned commercial galleries and work being purchased by prestigious collections and museums worldwide.

PORTFOLIO Critical Selection 2021–2022 exhibition will be curared by Alice Stori Liechtenstein, launching at Doneraile Court in Cork from 30 July – 12 September, and will tour to prestigious venues in Ireland and Europe.

More on Conjuring Form and the exhibitors can be found HERE

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