STILL, WE SING  by Martina Collender

About the Author:

Playwright. Drama & Creative Writing tutor. Director. Stage manager. Poet. Spoken Word Artist. She/her.

Praise for the Author:

“Martina Collender’s modern tragedy becomes a play within a play – a fitting gesture of contemporary statelessness. Her characters speak across time, delivering important lessons to the now.” Carl  Oprey, playwright.

“This play tells the story of war, harrowing loss, a child….their life – gone and how we move onwards in the absurdity of it all. The stage directions read as if poems themselves. Despite the tragedy of the narrative..this play spiked my heart with an electric rod..of fear, of relief, of marvel. I unearthed a safe space in which to witness the un-namable. Collender’s sleight of hand marks a talent on the Irish theatre scene.” Michelle Moloney King, poet.


Background image, cover image and cover design by Michelle Moloney King.
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