The correct Taric code on the label so that customs know it’s non-vatable, for books.

It is very frustrating to get that annoying letter demanding customs, I used to email my postal service but was told to still pay, and send them the invoice (which I delete as soon as I get the email, I have a clean desk policy, once actioned – DELETE!) and then they will pay a refund. But, this could be avoided if the small press includes the correct Taric code on the label.

This isn’t an issue with Beir Bua Press or our printers as they are experts in what they do, which aside from the sustainability and environmental friendly (printers in continents to reduce air miles) is the reason I have specialists. I am a visionary, layout and cover design person. So, no, when you buy books from our printers or anywhere else online, they are expert retailers and should include all the needed information to prevent you from paying customs on books, if that’s the law in your land.

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