An Innovative Airbnb Online Experience – Discover the Haiku Poet Within with Beir Bua Press Poet, Tim Murphy

This is such an exciting way to host a poetry workshop and bring poetry to new readers/writers.

Tim published YOUNG IN THE NIGHT GRASS, you can see his launch here, a powerful recital…his voice, presence…it was a fantastic launch.

Airbnb Online Experience – Discover the Haiku Poet Within -What you’ll do

Experience your creativity. In this 60-minute virtual session, Tim Murphy, an Irish haiku poet, will guide you through the basics of haiku-writing with his infectious enthusiasm for this poetic form.

Once you make an individual booking, this is a private 1:1 session, with no other participants. (Private groups of up to 4 people can also book, and Tim can be contacted directly about scheduling a session for a particular time.)

Learning to write haiku is a great way to stimulate your creativity: you can start from scratch and end this session by having written at least one haiku. The experience is perfect for one-to-one private sessions, but it’s also suitable for groups as a team-building or fun activity.

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