Cashel Journal would love to feature articles/poems on Cashel!

Cashel Journal would love to feature articles/poems on Cashel!

I set up Beir Bua Press last year, we publish the best of innovative, avant-garde poetry. But being from the townsland of Cashel I really wanted something about the area.

So I set up Cashel Press (an imprint of Beir Bua Press) and our first print book is about a relative, Thomas Francsis Meagher.

I also set up Cashel Journal and would love to feature articles on Cashel (an online journal) Any articles on your trips to Cashel, poems on Cashel, what you’d recommend for other tourists visiting Cashel, about your business/ art, heritage craft…or anything positive about the area.


Poems max 40 lines in Times New Roman, left justified, normal formatting.

Articles no minimum, maximum 1,200 words, Times New Roman, normal formatting.

Write your article in the body of your email, or in a word doc but no unusual formatting.

Please proof it (spell check and edit) before you send as we cannot make changes once it’s published,

Include a short biography (a bit about yourself, written in third person) with social media links (if you wish to include them) and you can email it to CashelPress @


It may take me a few weeks to get back to people. The selected artilces will feature on

We don’t pay for online articles/poems for the journal as we are not funded by the Arts Council nor do we receive any public funding. Luckly, this project is being funded by Beir Bua Press this enables us to have the time to design, plan, layout, and publicise your work.

A Possible Print Anthology

Eventuality I’d love to curate an anthology through Cashel Press, this paperback book would be poems about Cashel from people from the area or with ties to the area…No queries as this is still being thought out.

When i have this planned ill share a blig post here. Follow us on social or subscribe to the website to stay in the loop.

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