Yahoo! Someone said on Twitter they do not understand how so many people are “excited” when it comes to new books, I get that and I am also excited, thrilled and I am not afraid to shout this heated joy! ‘Suppose Beir Bua Press poetry does that to you 😉

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now through Tuesday, November 29th

You can shop here, and then add books to your basket once you land on our shop.


Support this cool, indie press, we need to send out so many (about 160) to anthology poets, to the legal archive in UK & Ireland and to UK & Irish libraries. And it would be a joy to be able to keep the lights on. I do all the typesetting, book design, covers, website development, social media, and marketing and I LOVE it, I LOVE these books – if you have any tips on funding or insights on Irish Arts Council funding…send ’em my way. I will persist until this press gets funded!

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Chat soon

Michelle x

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