Beir Bua Journal Open for Submissions from Women/identifying or Trans People Only

Please forgive me if my terms are not correct and let me know on twitter if i could have worded this submission open call better.

Our online journal, Beir Bua Journal, is open for subs from women, female identifying or trans. I want to amplify women’s voices and those who are minority.

The theme is – Women deserve to be safe at home.

There are a worring amount of instances where women do not feel safe in their own home; power dynamic, financially, isolation, caretaking, lack of opportunity, domestic abuse. Read some of the shocking statics on Women’s Aid.

Submission Guidelines

We are accepting, poetry be it lyrical, rhyming, experimental, contemporary, traditional…essay, cnf, visual poetry, video poems, play or novel extracts.

No min or max word count but we prefer normal formatting as formatting is very limited on WordPress website.

Please spellcheck as we cannot edit (if we accept for publication) the piece once it is live on the site.

Please provide a short bio or if you wish to remain anonymous then no bio and just let us know ie: no name on the website but we do require a name and real email account for submissions.

If you are writing about real people then please change names and locations.

You don’t need to use the theme sentence in your work, just have the work informed by the theme, a wish for a better now with dignity and respect for women, especially in their own homes.

Submissions close end of January 2023. Send submissions to

subsbeirbuapress @ gmail. com


Women’s Aid Ireland

If you need helpCall our National Freephone Helpline:    1800 341 900    24 hours a day, 7 days a weekor send an email to:

Help for women in Great Britain from End Violence Against Women.

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