Disconnected Poetry Through Exploratory and Cutup.

Are you feeling disconnected? If so, then you need to read <Reboot> More So…Disconnected by Wayne Mason. Through a unique blend of engaging poetics and inspiring innovation, Mason gives readers the opportunity to connect with self and others both emotionally, mentally, and spirituall. From exploring the power of cutup techniques we read surreal juxtaposition. “Reboot is electrifying psychedelic poetry at its finest. Mason uses cutups to explore the inner machinery of the mind.”Rose Knapp
More So…Disconnected provides the tools needed to fortify our relationships, understand our impact on those around us, and cultivate meaningful connections. With poetic reflection  on self-love, relationships, and taking risks, readers can take their journey of self-discovery to the next level. Don’t let feelings of disconnect persist! Invest in yourself and purchase <Reboot>  More So…Disconnected today for an enriching, soulful read of the scards of life glued together to encourage new mean-making.

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