Discover the Depths of Irish Creativity with Constrained Language

Are you looking to ease into the endless rhelms of possibilities of constrained language and tap into the depths of Irish creativity? Encomium Cento Parades by Matthew Schultz is an inspiring and unique journey through one remarkable writer’s exploration of sureal imagery, language and culture. Through this collection of cento poems, Matthew Schultz constructs a vivid picture of Irish poets living and lost, and inhabitants beautiful landscapes to the vibrant cities of culture. Centos are constructed from lines from other poets, recreated into a new form of poetry entirely and Matthew’s skill in this form of writing is evident throughout. These poems create an immersive atmospheric experience and the reader is transported entirely into the heart of the disciplined culture of constrained creativity. Encomium Cento Parades celebrates Matthew’s love for my country’ poets and his talent for capturing this beauty within a poetic form. His celebration of the poets he writes about is no mere tribute – it stands tall as its own creative masterpiece, in its own right. While this book is a great choice for readers interested in Irish poets, language and culture, it also provides the perfect backdrop to explore poetic forms and explore the versatility of the language. If you’re looking for a unique and visual way to discover Irish poets or her inhabitants, Encomium Cento Parades by Matthew Schultz is a must-have work of literature. With carefully crafted poetry and surreal imagery, it’s sure to have a lasting impact on your love of the poetic language and Irish culture.Click the link in bio for extract and to buy.

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