Unpacking the Language of Uprootedness: An Exploration of Moving Through Lucia Sellars’ The State of Moving

Do you want to explore the unique and highly transformative experience of moving? The State of Moving by Lucia Sellars is the perfect book to help you do just that. From Lucia’s personal experience with moving, she weaves together an exploration of cultural shifts, deregulated urban identities and how they impact everyday life and our relationship with the city.

This book seeks to address the language of belonging and uprootedness within cities, from borders to intersections. This book is a must-read for anyone looking for a thorough and comprehensive exploration of the experience of moving, from beginning to end.

Through reflective self practice, and insightful poetic analysis of the ever-changing landscape of cities, Sellars shows us what it means to be uprooted, in and out of place, and the perseverance it takes to stay and resist the current of destruction.

If you’re searching for a book that delves deep into the concept of moving, look no further. With her captivating writing and narrative, Lucia Sellars unpacks how movements are an expression of a fundamentally changing identity and space. Buy The State of Moving now and explore a journey of uprootedness, transformation, and transformation.

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