i write poetry and am embarrassed to tell my friends – some tips on how to handle being a new poet from an old swan

You are amazing. You are enough. Not because you are now a poet but by your existence. Making art can sometimes be a sign of leaving survival mode and easing into thriving, we can create a space space to explore our inner world through the guide of poetry.

It is completely normal to feel nervous or self-conscious about sharing your poetry with others, especially if you are not sure how they will react. However, it is important to remember that poetry is a form of self-expression, and sharing your poetry with others can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Here are a few tips that may help you feel more comfortable sharing your poetry with your friends:

  1. Choose a supportive audience: It can be helpful to share your poetry with friends who are supportive and understanding, rather than those who may be critical or judgmental.
  2. Start small: Consider sharing your poetry with just one or two close friends before sharing it with a larger group. This can help you feel more comfortable and build confidence.
  3. Practice self-acceptance: It is important to remember that your poetry is a reflection of your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and that it is okay to share it with others even if it is not perfect.
  4. Remember that feedback is not always negative: If you do receive feedback on your poetry, try to keep an open mind and remember that it is not always meant to be negative. Feedback can be a helpful tool for improving your poetry, and it is important to listen to others’ perspectives and consider their suggestions.
  5. Find a supportive community: Consider joining a poetry group or workshop where you can share your work with others who are also interested in poetry. This can be a great way to find support and encouragement.
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