An Accessible Action. A Text Summary of a Visual/Audio Youtube Interview with Nikki Dudley and Michelle Moloney King.

Beir Bua Press is not perfect but I, Michelle, is always listening and learning. ANything I can do to help bring poetry to all bodies, race, and ability – let me know on Twitter.

In this text summary of an interview with Nikki Dudley by Michelle Moloney King on Youtube, we delve into the insights she shares on experimental poetry, Streetckake, running a journal, office work and navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Nikki Dudley is a highly accomplished editor at Streetcake magazine who has managed to maintain a successful career as an editor and poet. Michelle Moloney King’s interview with Nikki Dudley offers a glimpse into her creative process.

This video interview highlights the power of poetry, community and motherhood yet it goes beyond gender and its roles, this video is not about motherhood or its silent emotional weighted expectations, it’s about moving past surviving and into thriving, not through a financial reward, but by doing THE WORK.

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