Discover the Magic of Cormac Culkeen’s ‘The Boy with the Radio’ – the Must-Read Lyrical Poetry Collection of the Year

Nominated for The John Pollard Foundation International Poetry Prize 2023 his stunning collection is filled with breathtaking verses that transport readers to a different world, filled with emotion and beauty.

If you’re a fan of lyrical poetry, you won’t want to miss out on Cormac Culkeen’s ‘The Boy with the Radio.’ Each poem is a true masterpiece, and the collection as a whole is a true treasure.

The Boy With The Radio is an unforgettable lyrical poetry collection from Cormac Culkeen. This captivating collection captures the joys and struggles of everyday life in a series of vivid, emotive vignettes. Culkeen’s vivid words take you on a journey navigated through deftly-crafted and thought-provoking imagery. The Boy With The Radio is a unique blend of personal reflections and philosophical musings that will leave a lasting impression long after the last page is read. Treat yourself to an extraordinary literary experience. Get lost in the stunning words of Cormac Culkeen’s The Boy With The Radio.

Whether you’re an avid poetry reader or simply looking for something new and unique to dive into, ‘The Boy with the Radio’ is a must-have. And what better place to purchase it than from the esteemed Beir Bua Press? Don’t miss out on this gem – add it

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