Small Increments by Aodán McCardle

About the Poet

Aodán McCardle’s current practice is improvised performance/writing/drawing. His PhD is on ‘Action as Articulation of the Contemporary Poem’ though physicality and doubt are the site of meaning and the stance respectively where the action operates. He opened the Performance Month at Beton7, Athens 2015, and the Performance Philosophy Centre Uni. of Surrey Sep 2016. He was a member of the anti-performance group LUC, London Under Construction and the Collaborative/Improvisational Performance group Cuislí.

Two books, Shuddered and ISing from VEER, online chapbook LllOoVvee, Smithereens Press. Recent publications in Wretched Strangers, Litmus Publishing; The Lichen Edition, Erotoplasty 6 and on Rte Radio 1 extra: New Normal Culture-Keywords First Episode. Recent Performance ‘Spaces’ for Wild Swans Project

Recent critical work in A Line of Tiny Zeros in the Fabric on the poetry of Maurice Scully, Shearsman 2020, and in Hilson Hilson, Crater Press, on the Organ Music poems of Jeff Hilson.

Current Project is a series of paintings using dynamics from within Performance, improvisation as a mode of investigation and immersion in a subject and environment, and considering ‘experience’ in Twombly’s terms as our most intimate form of commonality. The paintings are a residue of these performances rather than simply an object of desire.


Praise for the Poet

“An exciting multi-vocal highly choreographed linguistic, visual, spatial performance exploring (via memory, distance, time, place) the impossibilities and possibilities of how identities become and unbecome and are no longer selves.”

  • Maggie O’Sullivan, Monday 6 March 2023

“Aodán McCardle’s language experiments expose the malign purposes of the language of reality-managers, they also seek what the wall of their language makes it hard to express—such as love, what the body wants to touch, the ‘small significances’ that get googled, ‘particles of presence’. This writing acknowledges the crisis of language that we’re inside of and does not pretend to leap out of it but instead fights from inside. The shapes of language that Aodán makes on the page, amazingly varied, the sounds of anger and refusal, show what language-muscle can do when deployed against the owners of violence.”

  • William Rowe
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