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Beir Bua Press Logo
Beir Bua Press Logo

We are an indie press, female lead, and based in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. We are sister of the popular Beir Bua Journal. We publish experimental / avant-garde / vispo poetry collections and experimental prose.

Setting up a poetry press was an obvious step after the success and talented, experimental community witnessed through the journal.

“We publish the very best of experimental poetics from my toddler’s playroom.” Moloney King, publishing editor.

Supporting Charity

We support Féileacáin Ireland, Féileacáin is a not for profit organisation that provides support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during or after pregnancy. We chose as it is very close to the heart of BBP editor, Michelle Moloney King. We do this through the release of books through the press where we add Féileacáin as a payee, so each sale means they also get paid. Moloney King has a poetic colouring book released for this charity and several authors are donating a portion (or all) of their royalty to this charity.

Sustainability in Publishing

Our printers are based in London and  are certified as a B Corporation to measure our impact on the environment and help drive us to be even more conscious of our footprint. We use a Print On Demand system even though profit margins will favor some books getting massive print runs, the long-term plan for most publishing has to shift to on-demand models. 

Even when it comes to stocking a bookstore, it is more efficient to print and ship 3-5 copies of a book and replace them as they sell than to stock 100s without knowing if anyone wants to buy them. Research has shown that warehousing books is also a significant contributor to emissions. Another problem on-demand printing solves.

We’re all deeply conscious of the impact we’re having and continue to look for methods of ensuring books and stories are available to everyone while minimizing our footprint. This brings me to my final point for today; if we want to make sure books are available in sustainable ways, only buy books sparingly.

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Beir Bua Press

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