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We are closed for submissions and are stopping publication so that we can concentrate on the books we have out in the world and enjoy a slower pace of books. We may start publishing but it may be a new direction…

The publishing press of sister site Beir Bua Journal. We publish post-avant, visual poetry collections. Editor Michelle Moloney King also does the majority of cover designs of the poetry collections published as a type of visual / asemic / mark-making poem in response to the poetry.

Beir Bua Press Cover Images made by Michelle Moloney King (and Dylan King made one or two background images – he’s four and love Black Swan!)

This press is a treasured experience as we can contribute to Ireland’s avant-garde cultural landscape. Is there money to be made from a press…..who knows – there’s something worth far more: community, lifting the profile of experimental poets, adding to the timeline of post-avant-garde publishing.

Please do share pictures of your BBP books and tag us on social media @BeirBuaPress Subscribe and join the BBP email gang.

Setting up a poetry press was an obvious step after loving the community and success of Beir Bua Journal. Thank you to all who support and follow the Balck Swan and its new literary wave of Cygnetism. Full About page is here.

Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Beir Bua Michelle Moloney King

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