Richard Capener

Richard Capener’s collection – The Voice Without, will be published by Beir Bua Press in August 2022. Richard Capener’s writing has been featured in SPAM Zine, Sublunary Editions’ Subscriptions, Streetcake, Permeable Barrier and Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology, among many others. His debut pamphlet – Dance! The Statue Has Fallen! Now His Head is Beneath OurContinue reading “Richard Capener”

Anthony Etherin

Anthony Etherin is a UK-based poet, publisher, podcaster, and musician. He is best known for composing constraint-based poetry, such as anagrams and palindromes, and for combining these techniques with traditional poetic forms. He is the inventor of the aelindrome, a new lettristic constraint, in which letters are parsed according to premeditated, palindromic numerical sequences. Anthony runs Penteract Press,Continue reading “Anthony Etherin”