Michelle Moloney King

Michelle Moloney King is a postmodern poet, asemic poet, and experimental non-fiction writer and editor living in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, with her husband, Richie, small son, Dylan and two dogs, Kadia and Charlie. She has been nominated for a Pushcart in poetry and published in many journals for poetry and visual poems.

She has an undergrad in computer science from University of Limerick, a post-grad in education from Hibernia College and is currently studying for a masters in change leadership in artistic fields. Her interest in string theory along with her qualification in Hypnotherapy aid in her work.

She has been published for postmodern poetry and asemic poetry in Pamenar Press (for asemic poetry,) Spillwords Press, Streetcake Magazine, Dream Journal, Artistic Differences Project, Babel Tower, The Cabinet Of Heed, The Indian Feminist Review (for cover art,) Pendemic Journal, amongst other journals and has had poem displayed at The Little Museum in Dublin.

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She also holds a nomination was for a Pushcart Prize in poetry. She is a Visual Artists Ireland member.






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She has been featured in Busisness PostSouth Tipperary Arts Centre PodcastThe Irish Times, The Tipperary Star, The Nationalist (shared on Tipperary Live,), Poetry IrelandThe Limerick LeaderThe Irish Journaleditor interview, The Irish Times for issue II of Beir Buasix questions with – editor interviewVisual Artists Ireland for publication of Beir BuaSteven J Fowler’s site, please note Beir Bua is listed on Duotrope, and more.

She works as a primary school teacher in Co. Tipperary, reviews for In Touch Magazine, and is curating her first postmodern poetry collection and another manuscript of visual asemic poetry.

She edits Beir Bua Journal, an avant-garde poetry and art journal.

Follow along behind the scenes on: @MoloneyKing on Twitter @Moloney_King on insta, and Moloney King on Youtube for chats with other creatives.

See the Youtube channel and podcast to hear chats on avant-garde, journals, poetry, and cool stuff, I guess.